Apr 9, 2010

Karma has a nice way of kicking you in the butt

Hahahahaha. They say "karma's a bitch", I said Hell Yeah! You kept saying people dislike me, how about you? And for me to find out that one of your friend hated your guts to the extent of making up stories about you, how does that make you feel? How do you feel now that I am the one who get to tell you that your friend is saying all kinds of things about you? People who you mentioned dislike me, are lowlife people with inferiority complex to those who are brought up well, with mannerism and good etiquettes taught to them, and most of all, who could speak English well. Funny how karma comes back and bite your ass, huh? But, I am that good of a person to actually inform you that the friend of yours is making up stories about you, and to tell you to be careful with your business documents in case the friend might steal it and sell it to someone else. You're lucky I chose to be the mature one. I could've just sit back and watch you get fooled by him, but I pity you that I chose to help you out. You told me that you couldn't believe I would still help you despite my hating you? I don't hate you. I am not petty like you. I am just a nice person, and choose to be nice no matter what happen.


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