Apr 5, 2010


Once upon a time, a girl met with a guy through online chatting (mIRC). This is not a love story between this guy and girl, in fact, it is a hate story. We shall name this guy Jerkface. Jerkface was probably the longest person she knew living in the island. She was 13 when she first talked to him, 14 when she saw him. Both of them never had a smooth relationship to begin with. She had always thought that he was a snob, because he told her right after they introduce themselves that his grandma owns 1 of the famous restaurant and cake shop in the island. "What was his point?" she thought. It's not like he'll let her eat there for free. 7 years later they crossed paths again. This time, it's because she's dating one of his best friends. Jerkface even tried to patch them up after a huge fight erupted between the two lovebirds. "What a nice guy", she thought. Boy, was she wrong.

When A (her boyfriend) decided to drop everything in the island and went with her to a different state (where she had to pursue her study), Jerkface was quick to condemn A for his actions. He would isolate A and talk smack to the others behind his back. But A didn't mind all these coz he was SO in love. Ahhh... Sadly though, 2 years later, due to the lack of money and place to stay, A had no choice but to move back to the island. A few car accidents and a family member's heart surgery later, everything was coming around, things are finally looking good. She moved back and they lived happily. Jerkface even accepted A back into the group and everyone was happy... Until Jerkface became a drunken shit. He would ask A to go out to the club with him practically every night. She had to go too, because she... alright, alright.. deep down inside she doesn't trust him enough to leave him there with his womanizing, horny friends. True what? Who wouldn't be worried if your man has friends like them. Basically they'll fuck anything with a vajajay, ugly or not, free or paid. A and her were tired of all the drinking... sleeping late and waking early. They pretty much couldn't function in the morning. This goes on for about a year.

After the death of two of their close friends, she and A both repent and are now in the process of quitting the late night activities. 2nd week of March, her most beloved pet went missing. She went crazy looking for him. Later that night, Jerkface texted A and told him to go to a beachside restaurant immediately, a surprise dinner birthday party was held for Jerkface and another friend. *Jerkface's actual birthday wasn't until 3 days later. A was supposed to have dinner at her house, and she was upset because it was they gave him a short notice and the fact that she needed him because she was depressed (losing her pet), but because she knew how close Jerkface was to A, she willingly let him go. A promised to be back by 11pm.

11pm came, still no sign of A. She texted him and asked him to come home. He didn't reply. She gave him another 30 mins. She texted him again, in which he replied saying he can't leave, he was at a cafe. She was furious because he could passed her house to go to his new location and yet he didn't go home. So she scolded him and yelled at him (in texts) and he told her because of that now he didn't wanna go home. She got even more furious and threatened him to sleep outside or moved to his friends' house. Then she wrote on his Facebook wall saying that he should marry them since he has always chosen them over her anyway. A few minutes past 12, he reached home. *note that they live in a small island so driving journey will probably take up less than 10 mins.

As usual, both of them would patch up, and they did. The next day though, Jerkface wrote a message to A's Facebook (which was weird coz they normally contacted through phone, which is why she thought that Jerkface's action was deliberate and wanting her to know what he wrote). He went on saying how hurt he and everyone else felt when she wrote that and from that day onwards he wouldn't ask A to go out with them anymore. She read and replied him saying that the argument was between A and her and yes she was upset that they called him last minute and the fact that he promised to be home by 11pm when he clearly did not. And that she wrote that because she felt that he really did chose them over her. (there has been numerous occasions that made her felt that way). Jerkface replied her saying that he will still wont ask A out anymore and that she should put A on a leash outside of the house like she did her dogs (which she doesn't do except when there are guests around). She took offence (who wouldn't?) and told him that he doesn't realize what he was doing to A, making him stay up late at night without thinking that he has to work in the morning. This may sound like A is a wimp, that he couldn't tell them if he'd had enough and wanted to leave. I assure you he is not. The people he's with, are very persistent people. They take offence if you wanna leave the party early. Which is why A always brought her along, so that he has an excuse to leave. She told him that the reason she has to go along everytime was because how horny and itchy Jerkface are and worried that he might push A to follow suit. Meanwhile, Jerkface texted A saying how he doesn't like her treating him like shit, and that he was never put on a tight leash before. Unfortunately, she saw the text, blowed up, replied and curse him for saying that. He of all people, has no right to say who treats who like shit, because HE is the worse possible kind of boyfriend ever. He used to yell at his previous gf in front of everyone, case in point, his gf asked if he could hold her cellphone for her while she helped preparing for his grandpa's birthday. He said okay, but got distracted and left the phone on the table. When she asked him where it was, he scolded her in front of people saying that she should just hold her bloody cellphone and not make people (him) hold it for her. Talk about awkwardness. A, her and Jerkface's gf all looked awkwardly at each other, or should I say try to not look at each other.

Back to the text messages. He cursed her back. And went on saying that she doesn't have friends and that he had to tell people she's nice. And that she and A has no official tie such as engagement, at least he had. And about her sins for raring dogs, actual words were her house was full of dogs and as though her family isn't Muslims. (See this for more info about Dogs and Islam) She was extremely angry that she wanted to reply each and every point back, but she thought of A, and how it would affect him most. She could've said that even though she's not engaged, she and A have both been loyal with each other, unlike Jerkface who fucks around, especially with a girl he claimed about to get a divorce (until now hasn't happened). That's adultery, not the same as when he fucks his own gf, but worse in her opinion, coz he is breaking up a family (the girl and her husband have 2 young ones). She thought "you want to talk about religion with me? i may be of chinese descendent, and my dad's a muallaf and all, but AT LEAST I KNOW HOW TO READ THE QURAN, I'VE QATAM'ed 5 TIMES ALREADY, AND THE BEST PART OF ALL I KNOW HOW TO PRAY. can you do all those? can you read the Yasin for your deceased friends? can you? coz I always see you outside of the house while everyone else prays and read prayers for them." "Yeah," she thought, "I rare dogs. I love them. You don't have any right mistreating/abusing/killing dogs. They are god's creation as well." Fucker doesn't know how to read the Quran therefore is oblivious to what is stated in the Quran. Isn't it a sin for you to mistreat/abuse/kill another of God's creation with no intention of using it as a survival tool? You better fucking pray that you don't go blind someday and childless+wifeless. You can't get a seeing-eye dog guide then coz to you it's HARAM. Moving on to Friends. Hmm.. He mentioned she doesn't have friends. She may only have 1 close friend in the island because all the others moved back to Peninsular, but at least she has a friend who's not after her money like his "friends" (she calls them his dogs. why? because no matter how bad he treated them, they'll still come back. to associate these losers with dogs are such an insult to actual dogs but it's just to prove her point that dogs are loyal no matter how you mistreated them). So she's choosy with whom she picked as her friends. Isn't it a good quality? That way you only get true friends, not those backstabbing bitches type of friends. In choosing friends, she prefers QUALITY over QUANTITY. But obviously that's not how Jerkface chose his.

That was how she wanted to reply him. But she didn't. Mainly because she pitied A for being stuck in the middle. And because it was never in her intention to prolong a fight. So both she and Jerkface agreed to stay out of each other's way. If one was at a certain place, the other should not go there. She even apologized for writing in A's Facebook wall about them, in which she clearly should've said him instead of them. She also apologized for cursing him when he told A that he didn't like her treating him like shit. He didn't reply. Ha ha. It's so typical of him because he always thought that everyone's at fault except him.


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