Apr 12, 2010

Never eating at Victoria Island Club Again

Last Friday all of us went to Victoria Island Club for dinner. I suggested to go there since I've never went there. A Filipino waitress took our order. I was already irritated by her coz she was rude, and couldn't really understand what we were saying. When we first sat down she said "kamu mau order lauk atau asing2" In Labuan, "lauk" means fish. What she meant was whether we wanted to order a few dishes or ala carte. So mum corrected her, in which she made face. Also, the restaurant had no menu, so customers have to think themselves what to order. Usually, when a restaurant has no menu, you could actually order whatever you want (same usual dish that other restaurant have, not extravagant ones) so we asked for a few dishes, but they didn't have it. When asking the waitress what type of vegetables they have, she only came up with 3. So to be safe I ordered the easiest and simplest dish that wont go wrong: Pak Choy with Garlic. Mum and Dad even pronounced garlic in Malay in case she didn't understand. She nodded. Then mum asked what else do they have, since what we want they don't have. She said they have black pepper venison (we agreed to it) and chicken. How do they cook the chickens, mum asked. She said, lemon style, thai style and fried chicken. So we ordered thai style chicken. She took down our order and placed it in the kichen. Shortwhile later she came out and told us they didn't have thai style chicken so we had to order something else. In the end we ordered deep fried cuttlefish. So there were 4 dishes, which were 1 fish soup, 1 deep fried cuttlefish, 1 black pepper venison and 1 pak choy with garlic with 3 bowls of rice. When the pak choy came, it was cooked in oyster sauce and not a single piece of garlic in sight. We told another waitress that the dish was wrong so she sent it back to the kitchen. Within seconds she came out and said that the order was right and that was pak choy with garlic and oyster sauce. I almost blew up and said that I ordered pak choy with garlic which normally in other restaurants in whole of Malaysia, they fry the pak choy with garlic and oil. Then one of the cook stood in front of the kitchen door and shouted at us, saying things like, "itu pun mau hantar balik" (I couldn't really catch the other things she said). I was so bloody pissed if it weren't because my parents were there I would have fucking yelled at the fat idiot fugly cook that what she cooked was not pak choy with garlic. And by the way, have you ever heard of "customer is always right" you stupid bitch? We politely return the dish and should've make a scene but we didn't and you wanna shout at us? What if I was deathly allergic to seafood (oyster sauce has seafood elements in them, don't they)? What if I died? You stupid idiot. Because of your puny mind, you can't follow a simple instruction. I DID NOT ORDERED PAK CHOY WITH GARLIC AND OYSTER SAUCE. I SPECIFICALLY ASK FOR PAK CHOY WITH GARLIC (when the stupid waitress asked if I wanted it cooked with oyster sauce I said NO.) When we asked for the bill, the waitress came and announced that it was rm 69 something. I could've eaten somewhere with better service and better food with that price. We told her to get the bill and when we look closely, we saw that 2-3 items' price were changed. For example, the stupid vegetable cost us rm7, the cuttlefish was from rm10 but they changed it to rm12. So were some other items which I forgot. Urgh! I hope that no one goes there to eat, and if they do, pls insist for the bill and check it. I vow to never ever go there and eat again. So on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best and 1 being the worst I rate them;
Service= 1 (SUCKED) 
Environment=2 (OPEN AIR CONCEPT with gym next door. eww..)

* When we scrutinized the bill, we saw that the idiot waitress wrote down "Sawi masak bawang" (despite my parents telling her sawi masak bawang putih she only wrote bawang). No wonder the cook got it wrong. Therefore, the cook SHOULD NOT shout at us for rejecting the dish. The stupid idiot waitress who can't pronounce/understand Malay, English nor Chinese was the one who got it wrong. To the Owner of the restaurant; fork out some money lah and get better cook and waitress. They messed up the order and got the cheek to scold the customer. Damn fucked up. And maybe you should post up a huge sign which says "CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT"


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